Meet the team behind – these are the devoted and passionate people behind our content, our design, and our tips!

The team behind is made up of individuals who are truly passionate about gambling. We actually prefer players rather than copywriters for our content writing - we want you to learn from practitioners!

The team is remote and scattered all over the globe. From England and the United States to India and Manila. Expertise knows no border and no gender!

Franbert E. (writer)


Apart from poker, Franbert is a fan of craps and roulette tables. When he needs to break free from the slump, he enjoys a marathon of Hustle and Parks & Rec.

Franbert is a poker enthusiast. With a penchant for Texas Hold'em and stud poker, he prowls the online cash game tables. Even outside of a poker table, he is an avid gambler with all of his winnings in Bitcoin and waiting for the day his payout quadruples.

Jon M. (writer)


A true no-limit hold 'em obsessive, Jon is usually either playing poker, studying poker, or watching poker. Heads-up and full ring cash are his games of choice. Having studied statistics at university, he is a firm believer that poker is a game of pure skill - over the long run at least. When he's not playing poker, he likes to get his gamble on playing roulette and sports betting.

Jordan C. (writer)


Jordan has been a winner at small stakes online poker games for several years and has successfully dabbled in local live games. He has recently been making friends with PIOsolver in an attempt to take his game to the next level, as he strives to strengthen his understanding of the optimal play.

Jordan posts in a variety of poker groups to get a range of perspectives on how best to play the game, and when he's not discussing or playing poker he enjoys playing snooker, sports betting, and listening to heavy metal.

Lazhar (writer)


La loves the strategy behind all gambling games, but has a particular affinity with horse racing, greyhound racing, and Texas Hold'em Poker. Whilst he does not gamble regularly, he is geeking out on automated betting and backtesting his various strategies.

More of a hobby than a career, La sees gambling as a tough nut to crack but loves every minute of it. He is a fan of William Benter but doesn't have a hundredth of his skills!


Shaun has a penchant for marketing and growth hacking, all driven from big data analytics. He loves Excel, SQL, and geeking out on ways to grow a brand's presence and reputation in a strong way.


Stuart focuses on business development. He has creating and nurturing business relationships with casino games providers and affiliate marketers down to a science. He's mister nice guy!

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