eSports Gambling

Our guide to eSports betting sites with tips. We cover the video games you can bet on and where. Common eSports betting questions are answered.

eSports gambling has become big in the online betting industry and more players enjoy its thrills and fun. Read on to know more about how eSports betting works.

What Is eSports Betting

eSports betting is the action of placing bets on eSports competitions such as leagues, tournaments, and matches. People, whether a gamer or non-gamer can place their eSports bets. Referred to as eSports gambling; this is a betting game that is done through online betting sites where players need to join. The number of bets and prizes at stake may vary. 

How Does eSports Betting Work

eSports betting is placing bets on an eSports game. To get started, one needs to register to an online betting site offering eSports bet games. There are tons of online betting sites that players can choose from and join. But it is important to choose the best eSports gambling site to join so you can get the best betting experience.

Within a betting site, there are eSports bet games to play. The types of bets may vary and you have to choose the one where you will be most comfortable playing. ESports betting is not far from traditional sports betting. Bettors will place bets according to their predictions on the outcome of the match. Whosever bet wins will win the prize at stake. 

Placing eSports bets is not just about a touch of luck. Players or bettors will need to know and understand what eSports betting and the games are to choose the best bet to place and avoid big losses. Keep in mind that your loss or win will rely on your choice of who or where to place your bets. It is then important to understand the concepts of eSports betting and how it can affect your choice of bets. Here are some of the things you need to know when learning deeper about eSports games and betting.


Leagues are the organizations that conduct tournaments and competitions. There are to follow in eSports. You can choose the one where you are most interested. This will make you understand the game better and create a good betting strategy. Following a league will help you choose the better team or player to bet on.


Tournaments are the competitions that an eSports game has. It consists of stages that will bring the best teams to the finals and determine the winner of the entire tournament.

Following a tournament will help you see the best player or team that you should place your bets on. If you are interested in a specific game, then follow its tournaments and analyze the statistics so you can make a good choice in placing your bets. Online betting sites feature different tournaments on eSports games. Your choice of the tournament to follow should be one that you find enjoyable and interesting.


The teams are the groups of players that are competing in eSports leagues. Watching the teams play will help you see which ones are playing well and are good to place bets on. You have to place eSports bets on a team or player that will give you high chances of winning. This makes team and performance analysis important in your overall betting strategy.

According to , is the most prized eSports team with over $35,000,000.00 earned in over 1,900 tournaments.


Gambling sites are the main platforms operating eSports gambling. This is where bettors place their bets. There are a lot of online betting sites offering eSports betting on a few select video games. But it is important to carefully choose the betting site to join. In order to have a safe and enjoyable betting experience, choose a site that is licensed, established, and trustworthy. The research will help you learn more about the sites available for you to join. 


Odds in eSports represent the likelihood of an outcome of an eSports match. Learning the odds in eSports betting can affect your decision on where to place your bets. Fortunately, eSports odds are the same as sports betting odds. If you ever placed money line or spread bets, you will likely be familiar with eSports odds. The odds will give information on the high and low margins of the eSports games. It will help the bettors take a betting strategy to use for their choice of the match to bet on.

eSports Gambling Explained
eSports Gambling Explained

Types of eSports Gambling

Betting on eSports involves different types of gambling. Choosing the best betting type that you are comfortable with will help you in making your betting strategy to prevent big losses.

Such types of bets also add excitement to the game of eSports betting. These can be used in any eSports game. It is just important that the bettors understand what they are betting and if they can afford it. Bettors can either play in online betting sites or sportsbooks where betting games are held. 

Real Money Betting

Real money betting is using actual cash to place eSports bets. This is the type of bet that everyone knows and uses. For those who want to make eSports betting a lucrative activity, they choose real money betting. This type of bet will require a bettor to place their bets in online betting sites or sportsbooks. This is where their money bets will be deposited and withdrawn in case they win. It is the most common betting type not only for eSports betting but for other betting games. For US and UK bettors, there are numerous online gambling with real money sites available that offer eSports market.

Skin & Item Betting

Skin and item betting is the use of items or virtual goods to bet. In-game items or virtual currency are often used in this type of betting. Some players and bettors especially the younger ones prefer this betting type especially when the items or skins to bet are useful for their video gaming. Bettors will agree on the type of bet they will place for the match.  

Fantasy Betting

Fantasy betting is quite different from the other betting types because it is not based on the outcome of the match. It is forming a dream team that will compete against other dream teams on an eSports game. Winning against the other dream teams will give them the bet money or items agreed. Some dream teams agree to use skins or items as bets while others prefer real money for profitability.

Social Betting

Social betting is wagering among family or friends. It is also called peer-to-peer gambling because you play only with people that you are socially connected with. The bets will be agreed upon within the group whether they want real money or items. This type of betting is non-formal and is conducted only within what the group has confirmed with. 

Challenge Betting

Challenge betting is a form of social betting in which two or more punters decide to bet real money or valuable items and skins on the outcome of an eSports competition. In eSports, challenge gambling can happen between friends or between unknown private bettors through online platforms or forums facilitating this type of eSports bets.

eSports Games You Can Bet On

There are quite a few eSports games that you can bet on especially now that it has become more popular. The wide variety of eSports games to bet on is also the reason many people get hooked on it. Now, online betting sites are offering more eSports games to attract more players to join and play on their site. Among the popular eSports games are:


cs:go betting logo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer shooter video game. This is the fourth game in the series of the popular combat program Counter-Strike.

Players and gamers can join tournaments and leagues like:

  • CS:GO Major Championship,
  • WePlay CS:GO 2x2 Classic,
  • FACEIT Major: London, and
  • ESL Pro League. 

League of Legends

league of legends betting logo

League of Legends (LOL) is an online battle-field video game that can be played by multiple players. It is a popular eSports game and offers tournaments and leagues like the World Major Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star. 


dota 2 betting logo

DOTA 2 is among the most played eSports game today. It is the game sequel to the game Defense of Ancients. It is also a battle arena video game that requires a strategy to win. Among its leagues and tournaments are the Red Star Cup, WCAA Spring Festival, and Oceanic League.

Call of Duty

call of duty betting logo

This first-person shooter video game has gained popularity easily. Its war setting has made the matches exciting. This is why there are lots of tournaments created for this eSports game like Call of Duty League and Checkmate Gaming Call of Duty Tournament.


starcraft betting logo

Gamers who love sci-fi will enjoy Starcraft. This military sci-fi inspired video game has taken the video gaming world by storm. Its fresh concept excites gamers making it a well-loved eSports game. ESL Pro Tour Starcraft and Starcraft II World Championships are just a few of the tournaments held for this game.


overwatch betting logo

Overwatch is a team-based shooter video game. This game allows players to become heroes in the game. It has the Overwatch World Cup as its biggest tournament. 

Sports Games

Electronic sports take on different sports games that players and bettors love. Sports video games are always favorites among online gamers.

sports video game betting icon


Everyone knows this is the video game version of the NBA. It is a basketball video game featuring the different NBA teams and players. This game allows players to play on their favorite team and be their favorite player. Online betting sites and even gamers create tournaments of this eSports game.


This game is for football fans (i.e., soccer fans). It is a football simulation video game where a player becomes a football player of their favorite team. This is the 28th episode of the FIFA series. It has launched the PS4 FUT Tournaments which are open to all FIFA 21 players.

Madden NFL

This American Football video game is popular anywhere in the world. The Madden NFL series has been around for quite some time providing its stability in the video game industry. EA Sports Madden NFL Championship Series is among the biggest tournaments of this popular eSports game.

eSports Games You Can Bet On
Video Games You Can Bet On

eSports Betting Tips

Learning more about video game betting will help you become good at analyzing the odds and predictions of a match. Therefore, research will help you become more knowledgeable about betting on electronic sports. Aside from research and study, learning can also be achieved by getting tips from experienced bettors and players. Here are some eSports betting tips to follow:

Focus on leagues to become expert

Leagues are the organizations that hold competitions and tournaments. Focusing on the leagues will give you an idea of the teams and players that compete in the tournaments. When you follow a league's tournament, you will get to see the teams and players that perform well. With this, you will have an idea of which teams are best to place your bets on. 

Follow the best eSports betting tipsters

In eSports, some tipsters will give information on predictions and odds of the matches. However, not all tipsters are good at providing correct and close to reality betting tips. It is best to research the reliable betting tipsters on eSports. These are the ones that you should consider believing when deciding where to place your bets. Good tipsters have carefully analyzed the performances and abilities of teams. This is where they get the information that they share with players and bettors. 

Make good use of eSports betting bonuses

Esports betting sites offer betting bonuses to their members. It could be in the form of cashback offers, real money incentives, additional value to the member's account, or free bets. All of these allow bettors to place bets either for free or for a decreased amount. Any kind of bonus is a big boost to the betting experience of bettors and players. It should be used whenever received and it should be utilized in the most lucrative way possible. 

Understand how odds and payouts work

Understanding the betting odds will help you know the predictions and possible outcomes of the match based on the analysis of the bookmakers. The odds can also compute for possible payout when a bet is made for a team or player. Knowing to evaluate odds can help you come up with the best decision on where to place your bets. With the odds, you will also have an idea of how much payout you can get if your bet wins.

Benchmark your eSports predictions

When you know how to analyze the eSports games, the team's performance, and its players' capabilities, you can create your predictions. Benchmarking your predictions with the predictions of others can help you explore your bet's chances. This will help you in putting in a good betting strategy so you can avoid losing or committing big amounts of loss.

Additionally, you do want to keep track of your historical bets and transactions so you can review your strategy every month. During a performance review, you assess the success rate of the strategy you implemented in the past period, and make the necessary adjustments to fine-tune your eSports betting system or model.

Don't stick to a single eSports betting site

Experienced eSports bettors would recommend signing up with several eSports betting sites. Do stick with just one. With more sites, you can have variations on the games, tournaments, bet amounts and limits, prizes, and bonuses.

Indeed, your opportunities to win in different betting games can be limitless with more online betting operators. You also do not need to settle with what one site can give as different sites have different offers and deals. 

Sign up for some statistical and data insights

In creating a betting strategy and making a choice on where to place your bets, statistics and data analysis will take a big role. Predictive analysis can make reliable insights for a betting match. If you want to have a lucrative experience in eSports betting, then you can sign up for sites or programs that offer statistical and data insights on eSports.

Generally, tournament and league websites can offer some free statistics, data, and other valuable insights. However, in many instances, you would need to pay other websites to have deeper, more comprehensive datasets. You can think about these in the future if you are really committed to eSports betting.

Get involved in online gaming communities

There are a lot of online gaming communities that you can find. These communities will give huge help for you in getting information, updates, and ideas about eSports betting. Active participants in such communities are helpful on where to place your bets and last-minute breaking news.

Gaming communities have plenty of members that share insights and tips. You can use these to come up with a prediction, strategy, or even a decision on your bets. Aside from this, it gives you an online social community where you can be friends with people with the same interest as yours. 

Have a sound bankroll management

Bankroll is your supply of funds that you will use for your betting games. Managing your bankroll is vital in keeping your betting activity fun, safe, and healthy. Failure to have sound bankroll management leads you to gambling problems such as addiction and debts.

Proper management of your betting bankroll will require you to be aware of what you have on-hand so you will know what you can only place as bets. Remember, do not bet on something that you do not have. 

eSports betting vs sports betting
eSports betting vs sports betting

How To Pick the Best Esport Betting Site

As an intelligent video game bettor, you should rate electronic sports betting sites based on a few very important factors.

Variety of games

An eSports betting site should offer a wide variety of games. More games mean more options giving the players and bettors more fun and enjoyment in the site.

As a rule of thumb, we would recommend that you start by focusing on a couple of games. Then, through regular benchmarking and assessment of past results, to transition to a single game you are naturally the best bettor at.

Types of bets

eSports game matches should offer different bets to place for the bettors: straight bets as well as exotic wagers

Ideally, a match should give the bettors lots of options on the type of bet they will place. This gives them better chances of winning and variety in bets gives more thrills in the bettor's gaming experience.

Many leagues and tournaments

Aside from offering a variety of games, a quality eSports betting site should cater to lots of leagues that will themselves offer multiple tournaments. The more leagues there are, the more competitions will be available to place bets on.

In a worst case scenario, you would be stuck on a platform promoting only a single league, in a single game, making it difficult for you to wager regularly.

Due diligence on safety

An eSports betting site should be licensed and legit. This will give the players, members, and bettors a clear view of their rules and regulations on safety and protection against cybercrimes, frauds, and unfair odds and betting.

Whilst crypto gambling is huge in eSports due to the overlap in fanciers, it is very risky to get involved with eSports betting with bitcoin. There is a massive lack of institutional oversight on crypto casinos and since most blockchain cryptocurrencies are anonymous, your money could never be found again. Be very cautious, and prefer regular eSports betting sites to get started.

Payment methods

A good betting site offers convenient payment method options to its members. The players and bettors should be able to choose among a variety of payment options so they can use the best option that they are comfortable using. The methods should also be legit to ensure the safety of the account and the personal information of the bettor.

Convenience is important, too. Both the gambling and the payment platforms should allow for seamless deposits and withdrawals at your level of amounts. Contact the site's support to clear any worry you may have about your account being suddenly locked.

eSports Betting Sites

There are lots of eSports betting sites that punters can choose from. But joining the best ones will give you the best gaming experience with safety and protection.

OperatorAvailable Games
BetfairDOTA 2, CS:GO, League of Legends
Bet365Overwatch, Rainbow 6, Starcraft II, Fortnite, DOTA 2, CS:GO
List of the best eSports betting sites along with the games available.

It is best to check on which sites rank on top to help you choose carefully where to register and play. 

1. Betfair

 is one of the world's biggest online betting exchanges. It is well-known for its online casino, online bingo, and online poker. But it is loved for its eSports betting games. It was founded in May 1999 and has continued to rise in popularity up to the present. 

Betfair has various games like blackjack, roulette, table games, casino games, live sports games. Its eSports games cater to leagues and tournaments like DOTA 2: Dream League, Premier League, and LOL CBLOL Split season. Betfair eSports betting features the top competition in eSports. 

2. Bet365

is a well-known online betting site that offers online casinos and eSports. This British gambling website was founded in 2000 and has been continuously providing bettors big and safe online betting games. It features games like casino, live casino, table games, poker, bingo, and eSports. ESL, ESEA, EU Masters, and The International are among the many leagues it caters to.

eSports betting definition
Esports betting definition

Betting on eSports - FAQ

Answers to the most common questions people ask about eSports betting.

Its legality depends on where you live. eSports betting is now allowed everywhere. It is important to check whether your country allows it or not. 

Is eSports betting fixed?

Though there are a few controversies on eSports bet fixing, there is still no evidence to prove that the betting on eSports games can be fixed. 

Is eSports betting profitable?

Yes, you can make a profit out of it if you strategize and analyze games, teams, and players properly but this is not a source of income. 

How much can you make betting on eSports?

It depends on how much bankroll you have, the amount you bet, your understanding of the odds and its values, and your know-how on the matches and teams. 

Are there bitcoin eSports betting sites?

Yes. There are a lot of eSports betting sites that accept bitcoin. And this payment option is becoming common in more betting sites. 

What types of videos games can your bet on?

There are lots of video games featured on eSports betting sites. Among the popular ones are DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

Is live betting available for eSports matches?

Most top-rated eSports betting sites offer live betting for their eSports matches and games. This is one of the attractions among bettors and players.

Where can you find the best eSports betting odds?

The eSports betting sites show their betting odds for the matches. But you can search for other betting odds over the net and online gaming communities.

Are there eSports betting bonuses available?

eSports betting sites have betting bonuses given to their members. Most of these betting bonuses provide a free or minimal amount for the games or bets.

Where can you live stream eSports events?

The best places to live stream eSports events are YouTube and Facebook Gaming. But the most popular live stream platform is Twitch.

Why don't all betting sites offer eSports?

Some betting sites are more focused on online casino games as this has been known by many bettors which is why they often overlook eSports games and betting.

Is eSports betting legally considered any different than sports betting?

Though the two have lots of similarities, the only difference they have is that eSports has younger wagers and players. Some platforms allow minor players in eSports.

Who regulates eSports betting?

Organizations that regulate online betting sites take control of eSports betting as well. Though there unregulated eSports betting platforms, it is still safe to go with the regulated and licensed ones.

How old do you need to be to bet on esports?

Regulated sportsbooks and betting sites only allow wagers 18 years and above. The minors can do eSports betting through unregulated platforms.

What are the best methods for eSport bet deposits?

The most widely accepted eSports bet deposits are credit cards, debit cards, eWallet, bank wire transfers, and bitcoin. The majority of online betting sites only accept legit banking methods.

Which countries bet the most on eSports?

With the wide popularity of eSports, eSports betting is embraced by many countries. It includes the USA, China, Korea, Sweden, and Denmark.

eSports betting is made for fun and enjoyment but it can be lucrative if you put effort to know its ins and outs and create your betting strategies.